Please let me introduce myself

Please let me introduce myself- Lauren Mansell, one of your board members…  I am the person you USED to mail checks to for your membership dues (I am so happy to say that you will no longer HAVE to mail checks, you can use a handy Paypal transaction).  I am a pelvic rehab specialist and lymphedema therapist who practices in the Chicago(south)land, mainly out of RIC at Silver Cross Hospital and Riverside Hospital (a Rush affiliate).  I am also the principal investigator of the MISS study and look forward to talking about it on Saturday at the Symposium.  Please feel free to email me directly ( with any feedback or concerns, as there are always ‘challenges’ with changes.  We have really thought hard and long on how to change CPFRC for the better!  We hope you welcome these changes with the same excitement that we have!

On behalf of the CPFRC board (Sandi, Barb, Bri and I), I would like to introduce our new website and changes to CPFRC.

We have changed the membership year from academic year (Sept-Aug) to calendar year in order to have less confusion.  This change also gives us the time to build the online profiles of our members and to correct any unforeseen issues/problems.  We are so excited about this online directory (possibly to replace the paper directory- GASP!) as the online directory is more adaptable and consumer friendly.  You can search by location and provider type (physician or PT, for example).  We have added an online journal club and a blog, HELLO!  Also, the newsletter while be an update from our prior emailing listserve, with a newsletter for members and a newsletter for nonmembers- because all people should have access to Chicagoland pelvic information!!!

So please have patience with us as we transition to our ‘higher tech’ consortium.  I have learned so much throughout this update, and I look forward to your feedback.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to create this for you all…

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